Goose Point Steamers in 5, Garlic & Butter

Microwave 5 minutes. Dockside quick frozen. Fully cooked. Premium quality & freshness. Steamer clams seasoned with garlic & butter. 100% natural ingredients. Tonight enjoy a pot of Steamers in only 5 minutes from the microwave. Farm raised. Now with Goose Point Steamers in 5, enjoy a pot of mouth-watering steamer clams any time of the year in just five minutes from your microwave. Steamers in 5 are delicious because the steamers we use are baby sized. They're tender, succulent and as sweet as any clam found elsewhere. They are quick frozen from fresh. With Steamers in 5 you get a gourmet seafood restaurant experience because our special package combines our signature spices with the clams' nectars to produce a dipping sauce that's just heavenly. Steamers in 5 makes great party fare, a wonderful appetizer for two, or a pleasing dinner for one, that transports you back to seaside sunsets - without the sand between your toes. According to our taste experts (those of us who taste them every day), Goose Point steamers have a flavour like ocean air - a light, salty, clean taste with a buttery, smooth follow-through, so grab some crusty bread, fire up the microwave, and dig in! Product of USA.