CBs Nuts Peanuts, Lightly Salted

Barrel roasted. Small batch. Non GMO Project verified. USA grown. Peanuts aren't really nuts at all, they are legumes and grow in pods underground. It's All About the Roast: To make a top of the line product we get the freshest USA grown peanuts, roast them in small batches using our antique barrel roaster, and deliver them fresh. Our flame-fired barrel roaster's constant rotation and lower temperature ensures each bean is evenly roasted. This slow and low technique sets us apart from the industry for which a quick, hot roast on a conveyor is the standard. We find that our minimal processing and attention to each small batch allows the peanut to reach its delicious potential. Grown, Roasted, and Hand Packed in USA: CB's Nuts is committed to supporting America's farmers. We respect that work and apply the same hands-on commitment to the produce as they do. We love great food so we roast our peanuts with a food-lover's touch. Peanuts Are a Superfood: Peanuts are a great snack for anyone because they are packed with protein and many hard-to-get minerals such as zinc, folate, and phosphorus. Peanuts have been shown to contain the antioxidant resveratrol that has been known to fight free radicals. They also contain fiber and have one of the lowest rankings on the glycemic index. Plus, they're kosher! Kosher Check. Fresh roasted in Washington.