Wilcox Large Brown Eggs 12 ea

Hens coops moved weekly. Sustainably farming. Hand gathered with love. Since 1909. Wilcox Family Farms. Fourth generation Andy, Brent and Chris Wilcox. Northwest raised, in Roy, WA. Mobile Pasture means fresh grass all year long. Imagine this: Hens raised in small flocks, spending every day outdoors, enjoying fresh green grass, and laying eggs that are hand-gathered each morning. When they tire of the spot they're in, haveing eaten all the bugs, and tasted all the grass, their whole coop is hitched up and moved to a new spot in their vast 10-acre field. That's the life of a Wilcox Mobile Pasture Raised hen. Every day they get to go on adventures, soak up the sun, hunt for bugs, and live stress-free lives. Our family believes that Mobile Pasture hens are the happiest hens and lay the highest quality, best tasting eggs. Thank you so much for supporting our family owned farm. Brent Wilcox. Andy Wilcox. Chris Wilcox. 216 ft per Hen - double other pasture -raised eggs! Grade AA. www.wilcoxfarms.com. Feel free to call us personally: 360-458-7774. Mobile pasture-raised. Certified Humane. Raised & handled. certiffiedhumane.org.