Essential Baking Multi-Grain Bread - Sliced

USDA Organic. Hand-crafted artisan breads. No preservatives. Fresh daily. Naturally delicious. Pure goodness. Made with organic flours. Made fresh each day. A friendly version of the ubiquitous health food with just enough organic grains and seeds both inside and on top for superb texture and plenty of flavor. Seattle's neighborhood bakery: We make our bread by hand using traditional techniques for the most authentic European style loaves. This means we take our time to use naturally fermented starters, not commercial yeast, to allow our breads to rise and take on complex flavors. Then we hearth-bake our artisan loaves for a perfectly crisp crust and moist, chewy interior. Thank you for supporting organic foods: Choosing organic means healthy food for your body and healthy land for us all. Organic farming methods are sustainable and help to revitalize the soil for future generations. Our breads are made with no preservatives or additives. Please make sure to seal the bag and store in a cool, dry place. Certified organic by the Washington State Department of Agriculture. Member, Bread Baker's Guild of America. Help support sustainability from field to table and beyond. This loaf has been carefully nurtured and was delivered in a vehicle using biodiesel fuel. Product of the USA.