Announcing our new option for ordering your groceries online!

We planned to get online ordering up and running later this year, but due to the high demand during this time we’ve rushed the project along. We’re new at this, so ask for your patience as we all get used to this new option. Thank you for your trust in us!

Will all items in the market be available for online ordering?

Most, but not all. And we’ll keep adding to the online selection as we go along. There will definitely be enough variety to allow you a full shopping experience.

Are prices the same as when I shop in the market?

Yes, including sale pricing. Though the retails you’ll be charged will be for the day your order is fulfilled, not the day you’ve placed the order.

Who does my shopping?

When your pickup or delivery time is approaching, our own staff will do your shopping for you and bag it in paper bags. Anything that needs to be refrigerated will be stored in a cooler until it’s time for pickup or delivery. 

Minimum time needed to order?

You’ll need to order at least two hours prior to your preferred delivery or pickup time. That said, we are limited in how many orders we can fulfill in a day and the pickup and delivery dates/times available may be later than two hours after placing your order. 

How does pickup work?

When you place your order, you’ll select a day and time for pickup. At that time, look for our Online Order Pickup signs to direct you where to park. You’ll see a sign asking you to text our Online Order Pickup number, and we’ll bring your groceries out to your car. Minimum order size for pickup is $15. 

How does delivery work?

When placing your order and selecting the delivery option, you’ll choose from available dates and times. You’ll also be able to add notes for the driver if necessary. Your groceries will be delivered to your front door, and you don’t need to be home (though you’ll want to refrigerate perishable items immediately). Minimum order size for delivery is $35.

If an item is out of stock in the market, will it show up on our online ordering page?

We will do our best to keep the site updated with out of stock items removed, but we might not always be able to. When selecting an item, customers will have the option of allowing for substitutions.

Will the quantity limits for some essential items show on the site?

Yes, same as in the market due to high demand for certain products during the COVID-19 crisis.


Are there fees?

A 5% service fee will be applied to all orders to help cover our personal shopper costs. There’s no additional fee for drive-thru pickup. Delivery fees will vary by location.

Can I purchase alcohol on the site?
We are in the process of adding beer and wine to our online offerings. If your order contains alcohol, be prepared to show valid proof of age when picking up or receiving your groceries. You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase alcohol. (Discount for six or more bottles of wine is not yet available with online orders. We will add this feature soon.)

Thank you!